Important Information

·      Check-in time: To keep the cottage dry and clean, please leave your shoes at the entrance.

·      Bedtime: Sheets, blanket covers, pillowcases and towels are gonna be packet for you in box with your name in the storage room when you arrive. *Before you leave, make sure all is back into the box.

·      Shower time: Left tap is to adjust the water flow and right tap is to adjust the temperature. Use the towel warmer as you please.

·      Cooking time: The kitchen is equipped for you to be able to make and store your own food. The cooktop works by induction. This means that it will only work with cooking vessels made of ferromagnetic metal. You find them at the kitchen cabinets. *Make sure you turn on the ventilator when you cook in order to avoid the smoke detector to beep. If the alarm is activated while you are cooking, disengage the unit by turning it off or by removing temporarily the battery. ** The dishwasher is there to help you with the cleaning.

·      Barbecue time: In the garden you will find a grill and an outdoor table as well as a rustic camping fire made by piled rocks. You find grilling tools in one of the kitchen drawers. * For easier clean up, use the grill mat or aluminium.

·      Relaxing time: TV, DVD’s, books, board games and the fireplace are there to you to enjoy. To shift from satellite TV to DVD or vice-versa, you have to change the cable connecting the device to the TV. The DVD has an on-off button on the back corner. Behind the TV there is also an HDMI cable if you want to connect your device to a bigger screen. *Be careful when you making a fire and do not leave it unattended. If you have small children with you, we advise you not to use the fireplace.  

·      Networking time: As the cottage is fairly isolated from other houses in the neighborhood, the Internet cable do not come to us. As a result, the Internet here works with 4G, as your mobile phone, and is unfortunately limited by our provider. We will be glad if you could post some pictures of your trip at our Facebook page and might even send you a gift such as a free night or some local food.

·      Parking time: Important for winter! Park next to the road to avoid getting stuck by snow. A tractor will come to remove the snow when necessary. If you are staying more than 3 days, make sure you leave the road free for a couple of hours in the evening, so the snow can be removed. At summer, you can park just in front of the gate.  

Things you already know

·      Do not smoke inside the cottage.

·      Do not give a party at the cottage without previous agreement.

·      Pan convinced us to welcome pets at the cottage. Please let us know you are bringing your furry companion since this requires the air to be filtered afterwards.

·      If you really don’t have time to clean the cottage before you leave, you can agree in advance to pay the cleaning fee:

Standard rate: NOK 300

Pets or party: NOK 500

Before you leave the cottage, make sure...

  1. Sheets, blanket covers, pillow covers and towels are in the box with your name in the storage room. 
  2. Trash is sorted according to the recycling guide and deposed in the garbage bin next to the postbox. If you are overnighting from Tuesday to Wednesday, please make sure the garbage bin is placed next to the road, so the garbage can be collected. 
  3. The dishwasher is empty and dishes are clean and inside the kitchen cabinets where you found them. 
  4. The cottage is clean or the cleaning fee arranged in advance is paid. Cleaning tools and products can be found in the storage room. 
  5. Fireplace and grill are clean (if you use them).
  6. Kitchen appliances and lights are turned off. 
  7. Windows are closed. 
  8. Payment is done and you have your receipt. 
  9. Door is locked, the key is back to the lockbox and the lockbox is properly closed.
  10. Have a nice trip and welcome back!
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